Here’s 10 MORE Great Gifts for Writers

The most popular blog post, by far, of 2013 was my 10 Best Gifts for Writers post. To keep the joy and words flowing – check out the original ten, and if you’ve already given your favorite writer all of those – then here’s some more great presents for your wordsmith.  

Fresh Fruit – Writers aren’t the healthiest people. We sit inside for long periods of time hunched over notebooks or in front of computers drinking massive amounts of caffeine to get us through the next draft. What we really need is some strawberries, oranges or healthy snacks to keep us going. We aren’t likely to turn the computer off long enough to go to the store. So drop off a bag of healthy snacks every once in a while.

Chocolate of the Month – It’s important to remember writers face a lot of pain in our work. There’s the pain of editing (what Stephen King calls “killing your darlings” – doesn’t that sound fun?), the horror of proofreading, and the complete torture of the query process (where you face your fears about rejection by experiencing some almost every day – until the sweet victory of a sample-call happens).  We hurt!  We need comfort. Godiva, Ghirardelli and other companies have “Chocolate of the Month” clubs.  Send a little sweet love our way.

Museum Membership – Writers need reasons to get out of the house. We don’t want to just waste our time doing things like mowing the lawn or walking aimlessly in a park somewhere. We want to fill our cup with sights, sounds and wisdom so we can go write some more. Give the gift of a membership to a local museum, gallery, or group that fills your writer with joy and get his or her butt out of the chair.

Postcards from Penguin – A writer who doesn’t love books is like a chef who doesn’t like to eat. Writers and books are the definition of a long-term relationship. Indulge your writer’s great affair with these wonderful postcards featuring 100 covers from some of the most iconic Penguin books. It will bring a smile, and inspiration, for a long time to come.

 Online Gift Card to the Writer’s Digest Shop – If you’re not a writer, it is hard to know what your writer might need to help learn and grow in the craft.  The Writer’s Digest Shop has books on all kinds of things – Character Development, Querying a Manuscript, Plot Twists, etc. Since we aren’t likely to tell you our weaknesses (we don’t want to think about our weak background characters, let alone admit them to you), just give a gift certificate to the Writer’s Digest Shop. Or – give a subscription to Writer’s Digest.

Foot Massager – If you pass on the chocolate, but are still tired of your writer being so stressed piano wire looks easy-going – consider giving a little physical comfort to help sooth those rough sentences out. Foot massagers help provide circulation (remember, we don’t move around a lot), stimulate new ideas though invigorating the nerves, and just make you feel loved. Don’t get the kind that requires water, though. Nobody has time for that.

Writer’s Market or Publisher’s Marketplace Membership – If your writer is finishing up a manuscript and is ready to begin submitting it to agents and publishers, he or she is going to need a lot of love, comfort AND a good resource of where to find the best place for the work. Writer’s Market allows you to track submissions and gives you searchable, verified information about agents and markets.  Publisher’s Marketplace gives you lists of available agents/markets, tracking information about your book, sales info for self-publishers and connections. Think of it this way – if your writer’s manuscript doesn’t get in – at least he or she didn’t have to pay for the rejection. If it does – then YOU just helped someone get on the ground floor of a dream come true. It’s a win!

Story Cubes – Fun for the whole family, and a great way to get your writer to spend some time with you for a change. Story cubes also work wonders for sparking creativity, inspiration or provide tools for writing exercises. The game can be played alone or others (get a few drinks in your writer, throw the dice and watch the adjectives fly!) and is a good source of word oriented amusement.

Tequila Mockingbird – Speaking of getting a few drinks in your writer – Liquor (like the chocolate or the foot massager) is a great gift. But, if you don’t want to be responsible for your writer drunk sexting the beta reader who didn’t like the book’s ending, just give this delightful book of drink recipes based on literature.  Funny and delicious – Tequila Mockingbird is sure to please.

Lounge Pants – One of the best thing about writing is that there is no “uniform” to go with it. You don’t have to dress up, or even wear business casual. Word casual is where it’s at. Buy some lounge pants in your writer’s favorite motif (Star Wars, Football, Simpsons…) and give the gift of comfort. You’ll also be giving yourself the gift of peace, because your writer will finally have pants on!

So – toss away the boring old notebook, unused pens, weird old dictionary and the deluxe edition of Words with Friends – and give something your writer will really love. Remember, it is the thought that counts – and the thought writers need most is:  “Keep writing, you’re doing great!”

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