What’s this all about?

This is a blog about the quiet thoughts I process on any number of random topics.  Common observations as seen through my lens.  Wisdom and whackyness.

I don’t have an update schedule so there could be 5 posts one week (not likely) and no posts for two weeks (more likely).  Your best bet is to subscribe to email. (See button on right) if you want to keep up.

So, what topics can you expect at some point?

Writing:  Not what I am writing. A writer knows the more you talk about a project the less likely you are to finish it.  But about writing in general – writing tips, writing life, writing joy.

Comics and Comic Books:  It’s a whole different world. Dive in!

My Fambly:  We call ourselves a Fambly – because the B is for Beagles – of which we have 3.

Spirituality:  You can take the pastor out of the church…but….

Humor:  I love to laugh. Hopefully, you too.

Conversations: I also love to eavesdrop on people, and their conversations give me things to think about.

GLBT life:  Being a lesbian is the least interesting thing about me – but it does add some unusual challenges and joys to my life.

Movies:  A good movie can make your day or break your heart. A bad movie? Well, at least there’s popcorn.

My Sociopathic Dentist:  Making her laugh is a life quest I have yet to fulfill.

My New Music Project:  I discovered a few months ago that 90% of the music I listen to is older music or “soft hits” kind of stuff. So I challenged myself to listen to the New Hits Station – driving to work and home every day.   “What Does the Fox Say?!”

Anything you like:  If you have a question or there’s something you’d like me to talk about – send me an email at krupsch@gmail.com.


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